Demonstrations and Events




11:30 AM                  Diana Frohman and her Dancing Dogs               

12:30 PM                  Schutzhund Training Demonstration by Maximum K9 Service

1:15 PM                    Diana Frohman and her Dancing Dogs

2:00 PM                    Corky’s International Haute Couture Canine Fashion Show*

2:45 PM                    Schutzhund Training Demonstration by Maximum K9 Service

3:30 PM                    Parade of Rescues

4:00 PM                    Diana Frohman and her Dancing Dogs

5:00 PM                    Schutzhund Training Demonstration by Maximum K9 Service




11:30 AM                              Diana Frohman and her Dancing Dogs

12:15 PM                  Schutzhund Training Demonstration by Maximum K9 Service     

1:00 PM                    Diana Frohman and her Dancing Dogs   

2:00 PM                    Parade of Breeds*

2:45 PM                    Schutzhund Training Demonstration by Maximum K9 Dog Service

3:30 PM                   Your Connection to Nature Demonstration

4:15 PM                    Diana Frohman and her Dancing Dogs

5:00 PM                            Schutzhund Training Demonstration by Maximum K9 Dog Service

DOGLOVERSDAYS LURE COURSE- will be there all weekend for your dog to run it.   

  • Dogs love this course- they have a great time chasing the lure around the course.  There is a fee

Bully Festival of Long Island – will hold a sanctioned show on Saturday and a fun show on Sunday

Eric Powers, Wildlife Educator- (Sunday) -Your Connection to Nature will have a reptile and wildlife display and educational program

Make sure you see the Rescue and Adoptions Groups that will be at the show!

Visit the Vendors offering Great Prices all weekend

*attendee participation- enter your pet in these events for a fun time see information on Special attractions page



Special Attractions:

Schutzhund Demonstration

Maximum K9 Service will be doing a Schutzhund demonstration which will include obedience, dumbbell retrieval, tracking, and protection work and a detection demonstration

Schutzhund tests dogs of all breeds for the traits necessary for police-type work. Dogs that pass Schutzhund tests should be suitable for a wide variety of tasks: police work, specific odor detection, search and rescue, and many others. The purpose of Schutzhund is to identify dogs that have or do not have the character traits required for these demanding jobs.


Canine Fashion Show and Parade

Calling all Dogs and other pets to the Corky’s International Haute Fashion Show and Pooch Parade on Saturday Sept. 19 at 2pm. Bring your canine- mixed breeds and purebred and other pets are all welcome to enter and have a howling good time! You can print the form under Waivers/forms on or email us at and we will email or fax you one.

Parade of Breeds

Calling all purebred breed dogs Participate with your dog in the Parade of Breeds to be held on Sunday Sept 20th at 2pm in the Dog Ring. Open to purebred dogs 6 months of age and up. Pets must be healthy, free from parasites and have all necessary shots. You can print the form to participate under Waivers/Forms on Long Island Pet Expo in the Park site or email us at and we will email or fax you the forms

Parade of Rescues
we will have a parade of Rescues this year.  Each organization at the show can participate and give some information on a rescue for adoption.  If you are interested in adopting a pet this is a great way to see them and find out their story.

Petting Zoo

Kids will have a great time in this unique petting zoo! All animals will be displayed in colorful petting boxes for the visitors to safely pet and touch. Animals include: Frogs, bugs, toads, lizards, bunnies, guinea-pigs, giant tortoises, pot bellied pig, miniature goats, hedgehogs and chinchillas. Not only will you be able to pet all animals, you will also have the opportunity to purchase animal food to feed them. Friendly farm assistants will be available to assist in the petting of animals and to learn about Stickers the tree frog, Tickles the Hedgehog and more.

Long Island Parrot Society
See the Birds and learn about Parrots from the Long Island Parrot Society

Eric Powers, Your Connection To Nature

For as long a he can remember, Eric Powers loved playing with turtles, salamanders, snakes and bugs.  Today, Powers heads and works full-time for Your Connection To Nature (YCTN), a Long Island based company that he started in 2003 to help people appreciate and gain a deeper respect for nature.  “My mission is to save the Earth by helping  save plants and animals from extinction,” Powers boldly states.  “I do this through education, by showing people animals and taking them into nature.”  Eric will be at the Pet Expo in the Park on Sunday with some of his reptiles and other animals.

eric powers 2   eric powers reptile